Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free People Crafting Party

Two weeks ago I attended to The Free People Crafting Party in Cambridge. And I confess, I was kinda unsure about it, because I'm not a good crafter, or I thought so... I never had the patience to make friendship bracelets, jewelry or knit. But what a good surprise, it was just to look around and the inspiration came! So many beautiful materials! The feathers were the first thing to caught my attention, and I decided to create a braided hat band (and of course, I wore it immediately)
girls working on!

yummy appetizers and a wonderful store display (not mention the clothes!!!)

Party time!

My last two projects spotted by Julia, from Free People Blog, were: a pink feather necklace and a glittery cuff. It was so easy to make. I reused a part of my personal necklace and just attached about 7 small feathers lacing it with some glittery straps and a black thread. For the bracelet, I used a piece of double sided foam tape and covered it with the glittery straps.

Thinking different about Crafting Parties!