Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair and Make-Up - Chanel & Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner Celebrating Fashion & Film

Emma Roberts

 Rashida Jones

 January Jones

 Emma Stone

Drew Barrymore

Isabel Lucas

Simplicity is the key for all these looks. Looking "natural" is definitely the trend for this season. 

Less time in a hair-salon and more time to enjoy your life!

Being happy is the biggest secret to being fashionable!

Should I cut my bangs?

I really like Jessica Alba's hair style with side bangs.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Oi gente, se voce e brasileira(o) e gostaria que eu escrevesse em portugues, por favor deixe um comentario! ;)

Quando eu comecei o blog, eu escrevia em portugues e em ingles, mas um dia uma amiga me disse que isso deixava o blog confuso e eu parei, vcs concordam?

vcs gostariam que eu voltasse a escrever aqui no blog com a traducao embaixo de cada post ou vcs acham que da "pra se virar" no google translator??!

gostaria muito da opiniao de vcs,



Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just talked about spring dresses, how about the shoes? What is hot for this spring/summer?!

1 Platform Sandals: My number 1 trend for spring! "the higher the heel the better you feel!"

2 Nude Pumps: they are so sexy and elegant; it makes you look taller and your legs skinner. I really love it!

3 Ankle Booties: Yeah, they are still hot for Spring... I have been using mine for a couple years, and for me they are the best kind of shoes; it looks good with all kinds of outfits. And, booties in Spring time always give you a rock'n'roll look.

4 Ankle Cuff: super hot, they were in almost every s/s fashion show! flat or heel you need have one!

5 Triangle heels: comfortable and fashionable.

6 Cut Out Shoes: I love everything Cut Out, cut out dresses, t-shirts, pants, and shoes!! I'm super happy that this trend became stronger. (these shoes in the picture were my wedding shoes - I bought them in Brazil, and I love them so much).

5 Studded Shoes: McQueen, Valentino, Louboutin... well, do I need to say anything more?!

6 Clogs: they are still hot for spring. Now it comes with new cuts and open toes.

7 Wedge Heels: super comfortable, go with caramel and beige colors!

Second Chance! Design for Less!

Proenza Schouler for $35?? Rodart for $40??! Thakoon, Luella, Zac Posen, Libertine and many more designers for less than $50??! Are you dreaming?! NO - this is real, and this is TARGET!

Target’s GO International Designer Collective will feature 34 dresses from 17 past designer collaborations including Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Zac Posen, Alice Temperley, Erin Fetherston, Luella Bartley, Paul & Joe, Thakoon, Behnaz Sarafpour, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Chai,Tucker, Jovovich-Hawk, Tracy Feith, Libertine, Rogan and Tara Jarmon.

Dresses range in price from $24.99 to $44.99 and the line will launch in stores and online starting on March 13th through April 10th.

Fresh for spring!

Friday, February 18, 2011



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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping Thrift!

If we could divide the world in two, certainly, we would have the category of people who love thrift and people who hate thrift! I'm the kind of person who loves thrift, I'm a thrift-addict! Nothing makes me more happy than finding really cute stuff for SO CHEAP! My secret about thrifting is to be patient, and look every where; many times it happened that I found cool stuff in the men's or kid's section.

Today I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in Boston, Urban Renewals.

Take a look at what I picked:

Luella for Target Bag (new! with tag) for $5.99

American Apparel bodysuit for $0.99

Oversized Sweater $2.99

Velvet Military Jacket for $3.99

Navy Vintage Blazer for $1.99

Plisse Skirt for $3.99

And you, do you love it or hate it? Please, I would love for you to share your opinions and experiences in the comments!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I believe in fairy tales

The days before Halloween I went shopping. I was looking for a costume, since it was my first Halloween in the United States and I was super excited to dress up and go to a party! I couldn't find any costume! My friend just bought a French-maid costume, and I thought it wasn't for me… Halloween day came, and I didn't have a costume, but one friend called me and said he had one invitation for a super cool Miami Ink Halloween Party and I couldn't miss it! I decided to go to a thrift store to look for any thing that I could improvise a costume with… the only thing that I found was a 1950’s style swimming suit; it was a high waist dark-blue bottom with an anchor top. Yeah. Could work. I always loved anchors, sailors, marines… I thought I could do something… I bought it. Back home, I combined the bottom with a white super tight vintage top that I already had and I made, with the anchor top, a sailor’s cap. To finish the look, I had a large red belt and a gold anchor pin that I fixed in the shoes, nice hair… and, I was ready! And, I was late!!! I took a cab, with my Italian, French-maid friend, and that night there was such traffic!! I said to the driver to go as fast as he could, and finally we were in South Beach. I arrived in front of Miami Ink Studios at 11pm (one hour after the time I was supposed to meet my friend - the one who had the invitation in hand) and of course, he wasn't there, the studio was closed and nobody in the street knew where the party was. And, yes, his phone was OFF! Cool! I was all dressed up on Halloween Night in South Beach but with no place to go. My friend and I walked for couple blocks, looking for any party, anywhere that was possible to get in! Finally, we decided to stop and take off our high heels - We stopped in front of a restaurant and we sat down for couple minutes, just to think about what we were going to do. Then I heard a voice - hey, do you speak Portuguese? - Yeah, I speak Portuguese, but what the hell does this guy know?! I was talking in English with my Italian friend, I asked if my accent was that bad?! - and the guy laugh, he said he just read in my shoulder (I have two tattoos in Portuguese “arte” means Art and “revolucao” means Revolution). It surprised me (nobody, even Brazilians, can read or understand my tattoos - the letters are really small and in a fancy font). We started to talk, in the middle of the street. I asked him what his costume was, and he told me that he was a “a Brazilian beach man” - he was dressed in a white t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. He told me that he loves Brazil, and he had just come back from Rio, where he had learned a little bit of Portuguese. He told me that he couldn't get in any party too and he was just going back to his apartment that was 2 blocks away from the corner where we were. After a 45 minute conversation I already felt he was my long time friend and he invited my friend and I to go over his place to drink something… it was kind of crazy, to accept a invitation of a stranger in the middle of the street.. But he was not a stranger anymore, he was the sweetest guy that I ever had met. We went to his place and when I step in, he show me his driver's license, I asked what was that? And he asked me to read his name, I read John Michael Saylor II - I make fun and asked if he was a prince, and he said that he was not a prince but he was a Saylor… and that night I was a sailor. And, like a fairy tale, my costume became real, and that night made me a Saylor forever.

I found my prince, John Michael Saylor II, the love of my life, the sweetest beach guy that I ever had met. I’m forever yours Saylor.

I love you.