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happy monday!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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her lips breathe spring roses

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Welcome Spring! Welcome Boho!

beautiful editorial from H&M magazine
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How To DIY Denim Cutoffs Shorts!

Yeeeey, I told you guys that I've always cut my old jeans to make shorts.... let's DIY!

Step 1: Choose a pair of old jeans, if you don't have a pair, I highly recommend you go to a thrift store and look for boys jeans, yeah! they usually have perfect high-waist Levi's. But any kind of jeans works, just remember that they can't be stretch or too tight.

Step 2: After you choose your jeans, it's time to take your favorite shorts, and using them as model, mark up your ex-old-jeans (future-perfect-shorts) with a pen or pencil. If you don't have favorite shorts, you just start to cut always longer, and try it out in order to find the perfect length.

Step 3: Technically your shorts are ready! You can rip off the edges with scissors or a razor and, then, wash and dry. You can also fold the edges over (look at "Coachella Looks") and your shorts are READY!

Now, I will show you guys an extra step if you like to have a 'destroyed look'!

Step 4: Put a magazine or whatever base inside your shorts to avoid cutting the back of your shorts or the table/floor. With a razor or scissors you can start to rip, and you can cut little pieces or use a cheese grater. It depends of how much you want to distress. Don't be afraid, you can try first on the jeans legs that you already cut! :)

(Balmain Spring 2011)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella Looks - Denim Shorts

I'm kinda obsessed about denim shorts...I've always cut my old jeans to make shorts. Looks like this trend is totally back! Good for us, denim shorts are comfortable and so easy to match... Rocker or hippie-chic, trendy or casual, it goes with all styles.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A couple of years ago Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts were extremely conservative or hippie. Today the Maxi's are sexy and modern. Good for day or night, winter or summer, they are definitively a must have for Spring! Easy to dress and super comfortable, the Maxi's are gaining more space everyday... cutout, animal print, mesh, lace, floral, ethnic, color block, basic... it has thousands of options! Wear it with statement shoes, boots or flat sandals, throw on cool accessories, a new hat or sunglasses... and it's time to go out!! Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, feel free, fresh, sexy and comfortable! 

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything that I need for... "One Week in LA"

Hey guys, new tag today! Everything that I need for... is a tag to share with you my fashion choices for different destinations and my " current obsessions".

Destination: Los Angeles - CA
How long: 1 week
When: last week of April
Weather: Spring - 65F/80F
Going to: Vacations/ visit a friend - Dinner, Parties, Pool, Shopping, casual activities

2 pants (leather and jeans)
2 maxi skirts and 1 short shirt
1 shorts
1 maxi dress
4 tank tops
1 shirt
1 long sleeve top
1 jacket
2 belts
1 scarf
1 hat
2 purses
3 heels
2 flats

Some Outfits Options:
Gold top ---> option 1: denim shorts +sandals/ option 2 black skirt + heels
Basic top ---> opt1 grey maxi skirt + sandals/ opt 2  black skirt + wedges/ opt 3 denim shorts + scarf + flats
Silk white top ---> opt 1 leather pants + wedges/ opt 2  black maxi skirt + hat + platform sandals
Leopard top  ---> opt 1 grey maxi skirt + wedges + hat / option 2 flare jeans + platform sandals+ hat/ opt 3 leather pants + scarf + flats
Military shirt ---> opt 1 denim sorts + white silk top + leather belt + sandal / opt 2 leather pants + heels
Stripped top ---> opt 1 flare jeans + heels/ leather pants + heels/ opt 2 denim shorts + heels
Maxi Dress ---> opt 1 leopard belt + sandals/ opt 2 jacket + flats


Actually the combinations are uncountable, the secret is that all these are basic colors and you just need to change the accessories and shoes... I guess I'm overpacking for just one week... but I still have couple weeks to really start packing my stuff and decide what is really necessary... I will give you guys an update soon!

Hope you guys Enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matthew Williamson For Macy’s

on April 13 at Macy's