Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

I have been plaining to dress up as "Sandy" and my husband as "Danny" from Grease for a couple of weeks. Coincidentally comes the Hurricane named "Sandy"!
I hope all of you are safe, and for those that were affected by the storm I send my prayers. 

My husband and I snapped those pictures during the time that our power went off and by the time we were done the power was back on :)  It was a fun day inside, eating in bed, looking at photography books, watching the rain and, of course, dressing up!

be safe and have fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Allston Rock City

Nicolle Saylor Photography - Styling and Modeling Delicate Devin and Jackie Wilson
Featuring Wicked Peacock Bullet necklace (Jackie)
Allston MA, Fall 2012 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mario Testino In "My" Face

Here are some of my pictures from Testino's exhibition. 
*Love this shot that I got of Mario standing in front of Gisele's picture*

 "In Your Face” recreates the photographer’s world and his people—formal portraits juxtaposed with private party snapshots, nudes with fashion, black and white with color, and interiors with exterior settings—making visitors feel as though they had stepped into the pages of one of today’s most entertaining and spectacular fashion magazines".
(from the MFA website)

Don't miss it! “In Your Face” runs from Oct. 21 to Feb. 3 
at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breakfast at the MFA

Some days are just beautiful! I didn't have breakfast at Tiffany's, but my morning was more than special. I had the honor to meet Mario Testino, the legendary fashion photographer, 
 I was invited to attend a media preview of "In Your Face". Testino's first solo exhibition
in the US and probably one of the hottest shows ever held in Boston.
  After we visited the show and chatted with Mario (he said he loves Brazil)! My dear friend, Helena, kindly snapped some pictures of my outfit.

feeling like Audrey looking at the diamonds...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Top Designer Sunglasses for Fall/Winter 2012

We had a pretty wild summer, with coral pants, yellow handbags, and other electric hues finding their ways into our wardrobes. Now, the weather is cooling and so are our shades, and this fall, it’s all about neutrals. But neutral certainly doesn’t mean boring! As you can see in Vizio Optic’s picks for the top designer sunglasses for Fall/Winter 2012, this season is set to be anything but drab.

The Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses collection features a wide range of styles inspired by his favorite people and places that he found fascinating. This style – Oliver Goldsmith Casper sunglasses – is named the golfer Billy Casper, who moved the designer in 1971 with his commitment to the sport despite his legendary defeat by Jack Nicklaus. The round rims, another great trend this season, are inspired by the shape of the golf ball. Casper comes in Latte, which will match virtually anything in your fall wardrobe. It also features a keyhole bridge, and two silver dot accents on each flared corner for a hot retro look.

Beausoleil S753 sunglasses are bold, but rather than standing out with an electric color, this white-hot style shines in a different way. Its oversized frames are totally glamorous, with a touch of diva lining the top edge in a strip of gold. Its sloping arms are accented with a gold square, bringing together this beautiful gilded frame.

Also from Beausoleil are S280 sunglasses – which have a neutral two-toned design that stands out without being too overwhelming. Its silhouette is a modern cat-eye, with a subtle shape that is sensual and sexy. Surrounding brown lenses is a glossy plastic frame that is colored in tan along the bottom edge of the lenses, with brown and tan stripes patterned along the arms top half of the frame. It’s great for a little bit of vintage flair in your every day wardrobe!

You can’t go into neutral territory without a great tortoise frame, and you can’t go into the year’s most fashionable season without a pair of CHANELs! CHANEL 5242 sunglasses have all of the facets of the luxury brand’s signature look - understated elegance with a bit of tweed to boot! The shield-style frame has a single-lens design, with the bridge coming in behind the lens. Its arms are decorated in the tweed that the fashion house has become well known for, embellished with a metal Boy CHANEL CC signature logo. 

***While style is an excellent reason to don a pair of these sunglasses, don’t forget about safety! Just because you’re not basking in the sun every day on the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need protection. You protect your skin with SPF when you go outside, so why leave out your eyes? Going without your sunglasses can be damaging, especially if you haven’t reached your mid-20s, when the eyes fully mature. Opt for polarized lenses, which can be installed in just about any designer frame. They’re your best bet for your eye health! Safety is a trend that will never die.***

What do you think? Are you loving neutrals this fall or are you still riding the electric wave?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clarins Party in Boston

Last tuesday I had the chance to attend the "Clarins Party" at Bloomingdale's Chesnut Hill. A fun crowd of Boston bloggers and local journalists got together to chat with Clarins' head makeup artist from New York, Christopher Truffa. I had a great time learning more about the French company’s high-end, first class skincare products and talking about makeup/ makeovers and beauty tips. I also had the chance to check out the luxurious Clarins Day Spa and to try out some of their most popular products.

 Make sure to check the blog over the next days, I'm preparing a really special "giveaway" with Clarins products!

Kara, from the Bostonista and I

Having fun on a rainy day in Boston!